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Freetown Spray Deck

In Progress

Our current project with the Department of Conservation & Recreation includes the demolition of an existing wading pool and constructing a spray deck with soft surfacing, water features, a concrete deck, and other amenities. We are excited to bring a safe and fun way for people to cool off and enjoy the Freetown State Forest Park.

Alfond Memorial Spray Deck at Esplanade Park


The Esplanade Spray Deck project, completed in 2015, consisted of the construction of a new spray deck to replace an existing wading pool. Our work included site grading, constructing a soft surface, installing spray features and other amenities, and replacing the adjacent playgrounds mulch surface with soft, resilient surfacing. Esplanade Spray Deck is conveniently placed along the Charles River to enjoy city and river views with family or friends.

Beaver Brook Spray Deck & Playground


The Beaver Brook Spray Deck project, completed in 2018, included demolition work of an existing spray deck and updating many of the amenities. This consisted of new spray features, a concrete deck, and installation of soft resilient surfacing for an updated spray deck. We built and renovated walkways, two family restrooms, and demolished the playgrounds to install new play features and soft resilient surfacing. The spray deck has become a great place for families to gather and enjoy warm days at the Beaver Brook Reservation.

The Hall Memorial Spray Deck


The Hall Memorial Pool and Spray Deck project, completed in 2018, featured the demolition of an existing wade pool, installation of a spray deck with soft surfacing and spray features, building a concrete deck, and renovating/installing walkways. This recreational area in Stoneham is managed by the Boys & Girls Club and we are happy to have made it a more enjoyable experience for the community.

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