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Aerator Installation in the Public Garden


The Lagoon at the Public Garden needed more movement in the water to create airflow for ducks at other wildlife who live there. Metro oversaw the installation of two aerators that safely get power from the swan deck. This improvement makes the lagoon safer for the ducks and enhances the swan boat experience.

Liberty Tree Plaza


The Boston Parks Department's Liberty Tree Plaza project included site improvements to a passive park via custom granite monument and planter wall landscaping improvements. Concrete and precast concrete unit pavers were incorporated into the flatwork improvements as well as a custom granite elliptical paver design with etched and detailed bronze leaf inserts. Site lighting, plumbing and landscaping improvements were also incorporated into the project. The new “Liberty Tree” was planted inside the larger elevated custom granite planter as the main landscaping feature.

City Hall Day Care Play Space


The City Hall Day Care Play Space project included demolition of the existing play space by removing its play equipment, safety tiles, and fence materials. We then installed new play equipment, safety surfacing, fencing, lighting, and other amenities to improve the outdoor day care at City Hall.

Children's Park Playground


The Boston Parks Department's Children’s Playground project included site improvements to an existing playground via: ADA Compliant walkways, fencing and railing upgrades, new play equipment and landscaping improvements. Incorporated into the project was a spray feature area with Vortex aquatic play equipment. The project allowed for all ADA access at any point on the site and an ADA compliant play structure was installed.

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